domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

Gianmarco Zignago denies separation with his wife in Facebook

The Peruvian singer, who writes his own songs, Gianmarco, went out at the head of the false news published by a local magazine and, across Facebook, and he said that his separating with Claudia Moro is a lie.
Gianmarco hung on his Facebook's account the immediate reply before the journalistic information.
“A sorrow gives me great that, once again, some mass media told false news of which I am separating of my wife. If the friends of the press are reading this message, I ask them: please do not be left to go for commentaries of so badly I like as this one, which the only thing that they do is to confuse the public. Thank you very much. An embrace!
His representative of press hurried also in clarifying the matter and sent to the local drafts a communiqué in which they deny the news.

“We are sorry together with Gianmarco that serious means publish false information that they involve directly persons innocent and foreign to the public eye and that they turn out to be directly affected since it is this case. We want to alert the masters of the press in order that they have care and are not left to surprise with false information and badly meaningful ", he mentioned the document.
Written by :: Lourdes Osores

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